Extra Virgin. Creating memories

What are you feeling when you look at this picture?
Maybe you feel yourself cold a little bit when you are watching the people who were in warm jackets. Also the tree was almost naked, which completely tells us about the cold weather caught by the camera in this photograph.


Perhaps a couple of people, woman and man, were walking past the cafe ion this picture and walking arm in arm, give you romantic feelings.
Most likely you could find in your younger years a romantic picture such as this. Maybe when you were college student, you also walked fast and the wind was blowing in your face. But you were feeling warm from your inner feelings for your beloved.

Or maybe looking at a man who stared intently at a couple and thought about something without noticing the voice of his noisy friends company. You will experience a feeling of nostalgia or you will be immersed in a pleasant memory.
Yes, when I was walking on a cold day in West Village, I was immersed in my romantic memories. Suddenly I stopped and looked around. My eyes fell on the empty tables and chairs near the restaurant along the street. Of course, it was not surprising, the calendar was showing November with its cold wind.
My hand were reaching for my photocamera when I noticed a couple were walking near that restaurant along the street. The woman gently held the arm of the man. And with the sound of the shutter of my camera, I remembered a similar scene from my life. Only there was another city, Paris, but the same cold November and also warm feelings inner feelings to my beloved. But that's another story…
Sometimes we find a place where it would be great for us at any time of the year, at any age, in any company. For somebody this place is his a home or an office; the nearest library or a bakery, which you are not ashamed to walk in the morning wearing pajamas; or a small cafe that you still started to go to when you still were using a special children's chair.With this photo I would like to return everyone for a while to memories and give pleasant minutes to spend on it.