Things that surprised me in London

What a monstrous climate!" said the American Minister, calmly, as he lit a long cheroot. "I guess the old country is so overpopulated that they have not enough decent weather for everybody. I have always been of opinion that emigration is the only thing for England.

The Canterville Ghost

- Oscar Wilde



I thought which part would be better for the beginning of my talk about my trip to London. And nothing is better than I begin with the weather.

Of course, I was warned about the frequent rains in England. But that it was so wet and chilly I could not imagine from the stories about rainy London. The umbrella did not help at all, because the wind was walking all over London, not noticing any obstacles. Also fog could surprise everyone. It suddenly appears before your eyes, and just as suddenly disappears. So you need to check as possible a lot of cafe with hot tea and something else when you prepare your trip to London.



My eyes are a bit spoiled by previous trips around the world. I've already seen architecture the beautiful of Venice, romantic Paris, incredible New York, hot Spain. But the architecture of London - as a movie from a favorite movie is on a pause in my memory. The architecture of London is unforgettable, great. There are not enough words to describe it and photos do not convey the full beauty of its.

The English are very pragmatic


Maybe this photo will make you smile. I was confused at the scene! Yes, almost in every public toilet you will observe such a faucet for washing hands, more exactly you will notice two taps in one sink. Hot tap water flows from one tap, the other is cold. The British thus save water such this way. They fill the sink with water and wash their hands in it, not under the stream of water, as we are accustomed to. The English are very pragmatic.