Liuba Kostina specializes in Art Photography. She graduated from the Institute of Modern Art in Moscow - Faculty of Film and Television Directing. Her professor was Valery Rubinchik, the great Soviet, Belarusian and Russian film director and screenwriter. Liuba is grateful to Valery Rubinchik for his lessons and great skill.


Liuba’s first student movie was noticed by Marlen Khutsiev (the famous Georgian-born Soviet and Russian filmmaker). Marlen Khutsiev said "the film that was created is technically naive, but the subject touches on important topics that excite any person living on the planet Earth. From that, Liuba’s art becomes even deeper and more interesting".


Liuba’s career in photography began in 2012. She is a photographer who is always passionate about presenting ordinary things with a different perspective. 


Liuba Kostina is fascinated in creating photographs that contain the world from her dreams. Liuba does not embellish her works by excessive editing, she herself seeks to find all of the inspiring moments hidden on our world.


From childhood, Liuba was fascinated by art: theater, cinema, and literature. After she tried different types of art she understood that the true meaning for her lies not in the creation of another reality but of seeking inspiration in existing realities.


Liuba seeks to work on lengthy projects that allow her to more fully disclose the main theme of her art. For printing her delightful works she uses canvas and metal. Liuba thinks that the choice of materials is an important one; the feeling of the piece changes with the choice. Liuba Kostina shows that our reality with it's contrasts is worthy of experiencing pleasure.